In the midst of all that is happening around the world, I awake every morning in total gratitude for the things the Creator has done for me, you and the Universe. I would be remiss if I did not thank Him for my life, health, strength, and access to opportunities. For without Him, his mercy and grace, all of what I live and experience would not exist. Yet, in those times of uncertainty and unknowing, I listen for his guidance. For only He can make my way perfect.

I pray on this day that we all see the significance of our being on this planet Earth. We were not placed here as individuals, to live independently from others, but to co-exist and to co-create a world that is inclusive of all. As we co-create in love and interconnectedness, we experience the beauty in others and their contributions to our lives and the world. I cannot be me, if you cannot be you. I am not my sister’s keeper, I am my sister.

Mort Diamond and I co-created TuTTie’s Place in 1998 when we opened our program to five, distrustful foster care youth who were removed from their biological families due to abuse and/or neglect. Mort nor I had any experience operating a group home, but our hearts were filled with love and compassion and we were determined to make a difference. Little did we know, the children would impact our lives as significantly as we did theirs. Today, I am so thankful I answered the call to serve. I am equally thankful for the children we have served, their families, and our supporters. Without your support, we could never provide the quality of services we offer to our children and families.

A wise person once said that gratitude is the memory of the heart. My heart is filled with the love of life and with you. The memories of each of you enrich my life as the days and years go by. I choose to review my memory bank with gratitude. When I recall the kindness of others, it brings a smile to my face and lifts my spirits. I appreciate the people who have shared this life with me. The memories of each of you strengthen the light that engulfs my Spirit. Your love allows me to love you more.

As I look back with gratitude for the loved ones and opportunities that have brought me great joy and fulfillment, I also enjoy the fullness of this present moment. Right now, I am making memories for the years to come. What about you?

In Love,
Brenda Boyd