About Us

We are parents, aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters who remain inspired by the power of community and family. Together, with the many youth we share our lives with, we are TuTTie’s Place.

TuTTie’s Place is a community-based group foster care model. Most unique about us is our desire to work with young men amid the environment in which they currently live and will likely return even if they successfully graduate from the program.

By meeting and teaching children where they are, the lessons and behaviors we encourage are easily translated into real life dynamics, rather than just theory. When our boys learn how to make good decisions in the midst of a bad environment, personal responsibility becomes an acquired skill, not merely a phrase.

We know good life skills are not learned overnight. Along with providing a nurturing family environment, ideal for therapeutic and educational needs, we also provide a variety of artistic and recreational outlets. We celebrate birthdays together and other milestones, participate as active partners in our children’s schooling, provide opportunities for community service and encourage the boys to have pets… We currently have three birds and one iguana!

We want our boys to leave TuTTie’s Place being well-rounded and able to become contributors to their communities. To learn more about TuTTies’s Place’s activities please click here: Programs.

TuTTie’s Place is a non-profit 501( c )( 3 ) licensed by the state of Maryland to provide foster care residential services to 42 boys, aged 14-21.


Ultimately, our goal is to develop responsible, well rounded and balanced young men, so they can succeed as productive members of society. To achieve balance, we believe our young men and boys must learn to think clearly. This is a discipline we encourage through the healing power of Walking Meditation.

Unlike Sitting Meditation, Walking Meditation is “Active Meditation.” One must stay focused on walking and breathing while also avoiding collisions with other objects and people – a discipline that will be put to good use when these young men are met with difficult situations or environmental obstacles.


The mission of TuTTie’s Place is to establish and maintain a sense of family, stability and direction by enhancing the child’s adjustment to his new environment and to enhance his ability to cope with the tumultuous separation from his home and biological family. TuTTie’s Place holistically treats the mind, body and energy of each individual child, enabling him to accept and value his imperfections and by enabling him to successfully cope with society upon his graduation from foster care.

TuTTie’s Place provides community-based residential foster care in a group home setting to young men, aged 14-21, in Baltimore, Maryland. We currently provide a home to 42 boys in five separate houses. We are grateful to be able to provide help and support to the youth of our community. They need all of ust as they grow into adulthood.

Ideally, all children would grow up with their parents, but when that is not possible, we offer a loving home, guidance, patience and mentoring.


Trust is an essential element when teaching the vulnerable and scarred how to become productive citizens. Before arriving at TuTTie’s Place, many of our boys have already faced the devastation of not being believed in; so, we commit ourselves to their potential and we never give up. The success of TuTTie’s Place, recognized by the state of Maryland and city of Baltimore, hinges on our commitment and belief that every child has the potential for greatness when love, guidance and opportunity are provided in equal proportion.