TuTTieʼs Place provides community-based residential foster care in a group home setting to young men, aged 14-21, in Baltimore, Maryland. We currently provide a home to 42 boys in four separate houses. We are grateful to be able to provide help and support to the youth of our community. They need all of us as they grow into adulthood.

Ideally, all children would grow up with their parents, but when that is not possible, we offer a loving home, guidance and patience.


TuTTieʼs Place has offered the Building Blocks Activities Program since 2003. Our program offers a unique variety of integrated activities that are designed to increase academic success, self-confidence and physical fitness. Building Blocks Activities Program also provides our young men with, yet, another way to learn healthy decision making skills that steer them away from high-risk behaviors. Given that so much high risk behavior occurs over the weekends, after school and during summer vacations, Building Blocks activities are offered year-round and are carefully scheduled for maximum benefit.

The program consists of academic enrichment activities paired to each child’s needs, recreational opportunities and cultural activities that are geared toward each child’s needs – all designed to teach each boy to accept authority, follow directions and apply critical thinking skills. The programs growing success is directly related to our committed personnel that are trained to work with disconnected youth and to develop tools specific to their needs.


The TuTTieʼs Place African Drummers began taking weekly lessons in August 2006 and continue into the present as part of the TuTTieʼs Place Building Blocks Activities Program. They quickly became skillful. Some say their musicality is beyond their years of experience. Our Drummers perform in the community at public and private events. They take great pride in their ability to entertain and inspire their audiences.


With help from sponsors like you, TuTTieʼs Place has hosted “Talkin’ TuTTieʼs”.  It is a one-hour talk radio program that we have been doing since 2000 on Radio One’s Baltimore station WOLB 1010AM.

We are now on Tune in to our radio broadcast every Wednesday at 4pm!

TuTTieʼs Place residents participate in panel discussions with studio guests and telephone callers on topics pertinent to growing up in Baltimore and relevant to cultural norms.

The radio program benefits both the children and the community. The boys learn to express themselves verbally, practice public speaking, engage diplomatically and gain invaluable experience with radio broadcast functions. The community benefits by gaining a deeper understanding of children growing up in foster care and a new appreciation for responsibly-operated residential programs.

Please support “Talkin’ TuTTieʼs”. Funds for airtime are raised through sponsors, grants and donations. If you would like to support “Talkin’ TuTTieʼs”, call Brenda Boyd at 410-277-9170 between 9:00am – 4:30pm.